FAQ Coronavirus

As a valued customer of Nice2stay, you trust us to provide you with a safe & comfortable holiday. Now that the world is facing an unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we realize more than ever how important it is that we are your trusted vacation partner. We monitor all developments on a daily basis, maintain close contact with local partners and adjust our approach where possible to deal with the ever-changing circumstances as well as possible.

You can read our policy below:

Reservations 2022 & 2023

No matter which country you go to, you may face corona measures such as a quarantine or testing requirement. The situation in a country can change rapidly, therefore always keep an eye on the official travel advice.

Most recommendations by governments are advices and are therefore not binding. It remains your responsibility to decide whether or not to proceed with a trip, but we do encourage you to check this with your own Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since Nice2stay only mediates in the rental of the accommodation and therefore offers a private transport trip, we will not cancel your reservation, only in the event that the booked accommodation has to close due to local government restrictions, on the dates you have booked.

If you have been confirmed that you are allowed to rebook under official travel restrictions by the government, this applies in the case of a quarantine obligation on arrival / return, a local lockdown and travel bans. A test obligation, a canceled flight, a positively tested member of the travel group, tests for access for indoor locations, transit hindrance due to measures in a country you drive through, the earlier closing of the catering industry, a mouth mask obligation are not included in this.

I would like to make a new reservation for 2022, what are the conditions?

In principle, our normal conditions and the specific reservation and cancellation conditions of our accommodations apply, as you can find on the individual accommodation pages. Many accommodations currently offer new, flexible cancellation conditions due to new or extended travel restrictions by COVID-19.

Contact our team if you have specific additional questions about the booking conditions.

What does it mean for me if I already have a reservation for 2022 and I have doubts whether my holiday can continue?

I am not sure whether my flights are being operated, what does this mean for my reservation at Nice2stay?

The payment term for the (final) payment is the moment when you have to make a final decision whether you want to continue the reservation or whether you want to cancel. If you decide to cancel your stay, you are entitled to the normally normal cancellation conditions that apply to the accommodation (s) protected by you. You can always contact us so that we can consult with the owner of the accommodation about possible other solutions.

If I am given the option to rebook, what does this mean?

What if my booked accommodation, in case of rebooking, is not available on the new dates on which I can travel?

Our aim is to rebook the reservations for the same accommodation (s), because in this exceptional situation we want to accommodate not only our customers but also the owners of the accommodation and look for a solution that benefits all parties. If you are bound by the school holidays, we therefore ask you to view all options and to consider not only the summer holiday, but also the autumn, Easter or May holidays.

It is not possible to use the credit for another accommodation via Nice2stay.

If for any reason you are unable to use your "credit" to reschedule your vacation and wish to pass your voucher on to friends or family members, we can change the lead booker name.

I have several reservations at Nice2stay for different periods. How do you deal with this?

We look specifically at the arrival date for each reservation. That is why we treat each reservation, also from the same customer / main booker, separately and the conditions based on the arrival date of each reservation are treated as stated above.

Our team is at your service should you have any questions.