FAQ Coronavirus

As a valued customer of Nice2stay, you trust us to provide you with a safe & comfortable holiday. Now that the world is facing an unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we realize more than ever how important it is that we are your trusted vacation partner.

We monitor all developments on a daily basis, maintain contact with our colleagues in the travel industry and our local partners and adjust our approach where possible to deal with the ever-changing circumstances as well as possible.

Our team is working hard to inform our customers and provide the most flexible solutions possible within the parameters of what is achievable for our business and what is fair to our employees and our local partners, who all rely on us.

You can read our policy below:

Almost all customers can go on holiday to most European countries from 15 June. For most destinations tourist trips and family visits are possible again. Almost all holiday destinations have measures in place to limit the further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The owners of the accommodations that we rent out are preparing to receive guests safely. Developments change daily and differ per destination.

Since Nice2stay only mediates in the rental of the accommodation and therefore does not offer the transportation to the destination, we will not cancel your reservation. Only in case the booked accommodation will be closed, on the dates booked by you, your reservation will be canceled by us.

What does it mean in my situation if I have booked an accommodation with short term arrival (within eight weeks from now) and I cannot travel due to COVID-19?

If I have the possibility to rebook, what does this mean?

What if my booked accommodation is not available on the new dates I can travel?

Our aim is to rebook the reservations for the same accommodation(s), because in this exceptional situation we want to accommodate not only our customers but also the owners of the accommodation and seek a solution that benefits all parties. If you are bound by the school holidays, we therefore ask you to look at all possibilities and to consider not only the summer holidays, but also the autumn, Easter or May holidays. It is not possible to use the credit for another accommodation through Nice2stay. If for any reason you cannot use your credit to reschedule your holiday and pass your voucher on to friends or relatives, we can change the name of the lead booker.

Where can I find the cancellation conditions of the accommodation (s) I have booked?

You can find this in the presentation of the accommodation on the Nice2stay website and by logging into your Nice2stay account.

I want to cancel my reservation, when can I expect my refund of the deposit?

We strive to refund all customers within 60 days of the cancellation date, but due to exceptional circumstances this may take a little longer.

I have several reservations at Nice2stay for different periods. How do you deal with this?

We look specifically at the arrival date per reservation. That is why we treat each reservation, also from the same customer / main booker, separately and the conditions based on the arrival date of each reservation are treated as stated above.

We monitor the situation on a daily basis and adjust our policy accordingly if necessary.

Due to the current situation, our team is very busy, especially because of the many phone calls we receive from customers who would leave in the short term. We would like to prioritize these customers. In addition, our employees cannot tell you more than the information on this page. We do everything we can to inform everyone correctly and on time, we thank you for your understanding.

Our team can be reached by telephone on weekdays between 09:00 - 13:00.